4 Month Weight-loss Journey Update

If you’ve read the first blog about weight loss, you would know that I started a goal of 470 days from the day I started. The 470th day would be January 1st, 2022. The first 100 days were so easy. I walked every day for weeks on end. Sometimes I was walking so much my feet were hurting. But I kept it going. I was determined to walk for 30 days in a row. On September 17th, 2020 I started this journey and it wasn’t going to be an easy one. In this month before I even started this journey, I was walking every day. For the month of September, I had walked a total of 923 minutes and 40 miles. That first month of eating better and exercising I was noticing some changes in my face and how I was able to move around. Each day progressed and I was on this kind of high like everything was going to be easy and I was feeling happy and energized every single day.

In October I walked for 904 minutes and 42.76 miles. I walked more in October than in September. I noticed that each time I walked I was walking faster and it was becoming easier to get up each hill. For most of my walks, I was on the phone with my mom and we both noticed that our breathing became easier each day that we walked. I sort of became a reason my mom also wanted to get back to exercising. Each day I called her and told her how many miles I had done and it made me feel so good that someone also liked hearing my achievements. I was eating the way I wanted to eat. I was preparing meals for the week and would eat them in the order that I cooked them for and also so I wouldn’t be bored with what I was eating. I also started eating 3 meals a day with a snack in between meals so that I was getting enough calories inside my body. I was drinking half of my body weight in water and every time I lost a couple of pounds I’d redo the math so I wasn’t drinking too much water for my body to handle. It was pretty simple for drinking water. I only was drinking water for my fluids and protein shakes for snacks so that I’d stay full and wouldn’t eat food that I shouldn’t.

I also stopped eating at fast-food restaurants and eating processed foods. Occasionally I did eat Chinese food, because- well Chinese food. I also had started a new job and tried walking as much as possible with also trying to get enough sleep before work. I was driving more than I have in a while and the sun was going down sooner so by the time I wanted to walk it was too dark for walking. I did start doing YouTube videos. I hate to sound like I am making excuses but I don’t like doing videos of exercise. I feel uncomfortable even when I am alone. In November I walked for 486 mins and 22 miles, it was easy to walk but I started to struggle with wanting to go for the walk. My motivation was kind of spiraling out of control. I was eating correctly but struggled with walking. In December it became colder and because of the pandemic, the last place I want to be working out is in a gym. I also wanted to continue to walk but it started to get really cold and I don’t like to freeze while I am sweating. I kept walking as much as I could. Since the end of November, I have struggled to keep this journey going. I have wanted to just stop, but I am not a quitter. I’m trying again to get back on track. Between September 2020 and January 31st I had lost 19lbs and kept it off.

Starting this first week in February I have weighed in. I am 315lbs and I am uncomfortable with the way I look, feel, think about myself, think what my partner must think about me. I don’t feel right. I can’t eat certain foods because I started to feel ill. I have started making lists of things that don’t agree with my stomach or body. This first week I have also started off with making meals with more vegetables and protein and fewer carbs. I hope that in the next few weeks things get easier. I will try to be adding more exercise at home no matter how uncomfortable I feel. At least I will be doing something that will make me feel better. I also want to start jump roping even though when I jump I feel like I am going to die from the jumping part. February is my startup and get back on track kind of month. I don’t have as much time as I had hoped in the way of this journey but 334 days to go. I can do this. I have decided that the weight I want to be is 215. I can do this. I can. I just need to stick with it the best I know how.

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